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These are Userboxes that wikia users can add to their own Userpage to show what they like and enjoy! If you don't see the type of Userbox you want, then you can request it to be made here. If you still don't understand, then feel free to contact an admin on their message wall.

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Descendants Logo 2 This user is a fan of Descendants.

Code: {{DescendantsFan}}

Descendants 2 Logo
This user is a fan of Descendants 2.

Code: {{Descendants2Fan}}

Descendants Wicked World Logo
This user is a fan of Descendants: Wicked World.

Code: {{WickedWorldFan}}


Villain Kids

Mal Userbox Photo
This user is the daughter of Maleficent. A natural born leader, she enjoys drawing and casting spells (but only as needed).

Code: {{MalFan}}

Evie Userbox Photo
This user is great at creating her own fashion and can communicate with her magic mirror.

Code: {{EvieFan}}

JAH This user has a talent for stealing and scheming and is a natural athelete.

Code: {{JayFan}}

CAH This user is smart, loyal, witty, and, oh yeah, is afraid of dogs, too.

Code: {{CarlosFan}}

Auradon Kids

This user is next in line for the throne, he is caring, brave and not afraid of change.

Code: {{BenFan}}

This user is the cheerleading captain and has a knack for fashion.

Code: {{AudreyFan}}

This user is fascinated with magic, even if her mum doesn’t let her use it!

Code: {{JaneFan}}

This user is the athletic, good looking and, um, charming son.

Code: {{ChadFan}}

This user plays several instruments and is in the marching band and he doesn't like to fail in chemistry.

Code: {{DougFan}}

This user is a kind and good-hearted soul who enjoys Martial Arts and hip-hop dance.

Code: {{LonnieFan}}

Descendants:Wicked World

Villain Kids

Freddie descendants
A witty slick talker, this user can convince you to do anything. She spends time in her father’s shop, learning and practicing magical arts… or stirring up mischief on the unsuspecting.

Code: {{FreddieFan}}

Auradon Kids

Jordan descendants
Funny and sassy, this user lives in a lamp but is no prisoner. Not only does she have the power to grant wishes, but she can also magically decorate her house and any visitors in any style she wants! She’s social media savvy and is a natural performer.

Code: {{JordanFan}}



This user is the daughter of Maleficent, mistress of all evil.

Code: {{MaleficentFan}}

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