This is my entry for the Descendants Wiki Halloween Festival. Warning: It may not be good, as this is my first time writing a Descendants poem. Hope U like it!

This is a poem dedicated 2 some of the Descendants character.


Mal the daughter of the Mistress of all Evil: Maleficent.
She was thought to evil first but later became good and benevolent.

Evie the daughter of Evil Queen.
Why when she came to Auradon she became a fasion designer teen,

Everyone thought no good would come to the former thief Jay.
But in the end he danced with princess Aurdey.

Carlos Devil hate being a servant to his mother Cruella Devil oh by he knew it was a pain.
But when he came to Auradon he met and fell in love with Fairy Godmother's daughter Jane.

Ben is the king of Auradon and he takes after both his mom and dad.
He has a good heart to see the good in VKs now aren't we glad.

Audrey the princess of popularity.
It's hard to imagine she is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty.

Lonnie wants to like her mom and be the best and earn spot in the Swords & Shields team.
And we believe she'll accomplish that dream.

Doug the son of the dwarf Dopey.
Thinks of Evie as his trophy.

Chad is so mean what a jerk.
He should be like his mother and do a lot of hard work.

Freddie has chosen the right side.
Why before she had a friend to hide.

Jordan, the genie of the lamp.
I guess someone should ask her to make them a champ.

Ally has a curious personality why she would follow the White Rabbit across a flower glade.
She even had tea with the Mad hatter and March Hare even when they're mad.

CJ always wants to be the captain of her own ship.
Why she almost had Ben in her grip.

Zevon tried to take over Auradon.
But now that he has failed he is long gone.

Uma the new queen of the Isle as everyone can see.
Now she is a sea with lurking in the Auradon sea.

Harry Hook has his own crew to command.
He even carries a hook on his hand.

Gil is very loyal and devoted to his friends.
No matter how his plan ends.

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