Not so long ago Mal placed her trust on me with making me official executioner a moderator. Since then tried to do my best to clean this wiki from those poor unfortunate souls who just can not express themselves without breaking our rules. And was really surprised to see how much things here just cried to be cleaned (whoever is thinking right now "clean this post from existence" - stop thinking so loud plz). Sometimes its sad, sometimes fun, sometimes making me mad. But at some point all those things inspired me to create small blog post with just saying thx to our team of people who are really trying hard for our wiki. When eyes are bleeding from kids who are trying to ruin this place, really starting to appreciate their opposition much more.

Here it goes:

  • Thx to Mal for being just amazing admin. She is doing so much for all of us.
  • Additional thx to Mal for being very first person on this wiki who talked to me (wiki chat will b remembered).
  • And again thx to Mal for her trust. ;)
  • Thx to NikkiSarah for her work. Even if she dont have time to talk, she is always doing something to improve this place or to find posts where someone needs info on their problems.
  • Thx to Fran for being everywhere on this wiki..our schemes on discord.. doing her best to help this wiki and to always have time and energy to chat with all our folks. And for being so amazing, fun and useful. Oh come on..she is even sharing so much of my own fav things! ;D
  • Thx to Smith for great work and devotion to edit books related stuff on our wiki. Really helpful person and so far was very trustworthy. Even thou never talked to this person b4. ^^
  • Thx to Kira for spending time with us on Discord. Hope someday she will join our wiki's team.
  • Thx to Discord for all fun we having there while other people are missing their chance to share it! ;p
  • Thx to all those kids who are trying to edit things here but ultimately failing to do so. With your "help" moderators never will be bored here.

Well..guess for now its all.. ^_^

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