Mal's Hair!?!?!

Ok so to the people who indeed have seen the trailer of Descendants 2. WTA(What the Auradon) is going on with Mal's beautiful purple hair. It's like completely gone in the begining. WTA happened to it. She is blonde. But in Ways to be wicked(most generally going to be the opening song) her hair is....purple?

SO how does that happen. And with some theories on youtube that Ways to be wicked was a dream or maybe a vision that king ben had. But still how did we go from a purple to Where the chocolate fugde is our purple.

So I am thinking that her hair slowly went blonde as she became more open to the good in her heart. ANd the purple at the tips was the evil that lured her to the isle again. And her rturn to the isle caused all of that evil to rush back to her causing her hai to be a purplish color. But there is still a little good mixed around. And that good you might have guessed comes from Love, her love for her friends and ben was most likely what kept her hair from being the dark purple we all know and love. 

                But who is to say, I could be wrong. ;)

             XOXO Descenders , 

         Have an Evil Day ,

Gracelience aka daughter of Mother Gothel

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