First, check this video:

According to Booboo and Sofia, there was a musical number that sadly, was cut out of the definitive version of Descendants, and this musical number, if it hasn't been deleted, would be happening right after the scene where Ben ate Mal's enchanted cookie.

Descendants - Deleted Scene Musical Number Ben

Deleted footage

They said that Ben would burst into a song and go around the entire school to dedicate this song to Mal. The poor guy even got himself into a bike to do that. I think that this scene would have been both funny and amazing. The reason why it was deleted is unknown, hopefully someday, Kenny Ortega will show us the scene.

But my burning question is: What is the song that Ben sang in the scene? Booboo and Sofia only referred to it as a "musical number", but never said any detail about the song.

My closest guess is that this scene was deleted in order to be replaced with the version of Did I Mention that we know, which take place after the Tourney game. However, if you have watched all the rehearsal videos, you'd realize that Did I Mention has always been planned to be that specific scene in the Tourney field. Why? Because the actors have to rehearse all the musical numbers before officially shooting the movie.

So what do you guys think? Is it a secret song that has never been released? Or it is the original version of Did I Mention?

Comment down below and let me know what you think!

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