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Let's start continue discussing that movie named Hercules, shall we?

Check this out before you proceed: Thread:16429

  1. Hercules is not even Hercules. HIS NAME IS HERACLES!!!
  2. The real Heracles story (NOT HERCULES) is R-Rated. Stay in school, children!!!
  3. Hera is not his holly mother!!!
  4. Hera will never, not even when Zeus dies, become a mother figure to Heracles.
  5. Happily ever after? Yeah, after the 12 agonizing task that he had to make because Hera cursed him!
  6. That is simply not the representation of Zeus
  8. Why Hera is so kind? She's like the biggest ***** of the planet!!!
  9. Have I mentioned that his name is not Hercules?
  10. SPOILER ALERT: Megara shouldn't even be alive...

Now about that movie named Descendants...

  1. Wait a minute, how come all those villains that came from different times fitted in the 21st century??
  2. CROWNED AT 16??? Man, Beast just wants to see his kingdom fall, doesn't he?
  3. Okay, okay. There isn't a problem with having a king at 16, but why Ben? WHY THAT SPECIFIC KID? He literally had dreams and invited strangers into his house...
  4. How come they are all so good looking? I get trapped inside an isolated island and I become trash...
  5. Maleficent! You could have literally stick yourself to that limo and roll your way out of that island!
  6. Boy, Auradonians have an excess of trust... They put all those super important artifacts inside a museum guarded by one single guard who isn't doing a thing but stare at a screen
  7. Remedial Goodness 101? They must think VKs are super dumb or something...
  8. Fairy Godmother reproduce??
  9. Who came up with the idea of murder canons inside a game played by high school kids?
  10. When did Mal painted her locker? Shouldn't she be in detention because of vandalism?
  11. Ben is still dumb
  12. How come the mirror knows Chemistry?
  13. DISHONOR ON YOU! DISHONOR YOUR FAMILY! DISHONOR ON YOUR COW! That Lonnie girl can't be Mulan's daughter! She is nothing compared to her mother!
  14. "I heard that there is this magic chick who makes your hair cool in less than 5 seconds... Oh, let's join in! If we loose our heads, doesn't matter!" again with the excess of trust
  15. The VKs are soooo soft. They know nothing about evil.
  16. Auradonians just happen to be the biggest hypocrites in history!
  17. BEN! SHE LITERALLY MANIPULATED YOU AND NOW YOU DECLARE TO LOVE HER? Stockholm syndromes must run in the family after all...
  18. Still, why nobody is protesting the fact that their king is 16 years old and his first proclamation was made because he had a dream?
  19. Wait, that's it? Staring contest and holding hands defeats a dragon? How?
  20. Umm... Why am I still obsessed with this movie? It makes zero sense!