Hello fellow Descendants fans! (We really need a term to describe Descendants fans)

Today, May 23 is the release of the third installment of Melissa de la Cruz's fantastic Descendants novels! That's right, guys! Rise of the Isle of the Lost is finally out! Go to the closest book store and get a copy right now!

Unfortunately, I don't get the chance to go to the closest book store and get myself a copy (because it isn't out in my country yet), but I would read it as soon as I find it.

So back to the topic of this blog. I know that I don't have the full book, but at least, I got the chance to read a small smaple of the book. I promise you, it is worth reading if you're a big Descendants fan.

I'll let you have the link to Barnes & Noble's website. You can click right here to get more information about Rise of the Isle of the Lost, or read a sample right there.

You can also check out this thread for more information.

I've found a lot of awesome details in these 28 pages that I read. You, too, can check it out by clicking the website's link above!


  1. Rise of the Isle of the Lost actually takes place not very long after Return to the Isle of the Lost. The 4 VKs still carry the evil talismans with them.
  2. Serpent Prep is another school in the Isle of the Lost and big rival of Dragon Hall. Uma is a student there.
  3. Uma and Mal were actually besties!!
  4. Mal called Uma "Shrimpy" ever since they were 13. Why? Sorry, can't reveal here... (>;-D)
  5. What happened to Mal and Uma's friendship? You might want to remember Ben's first proclamation.
  6. Uma works for her mother's place Ursula's Fish and Chips Shoppe.
  7. It could be almost certain that Uma did not take Triton's trident.
  8. Now back to Auradon. We got more info about Arabella! Now we know she isn't Ariel's daughter but one of her sister's. Also, she has a tail.
  9. The Seaside Festival was what Ben, Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos were attending before a strom crashed the celebration.
  10. ROAR? Oh, yeah! R.O.A.R.! It stands for "Royal Order of Auradon Regiment" is a competition that involves sword-fighting, flips and stuff. Jay might be one of the participants.
  11. What about the talisman? What did they do??

There you go, guys. 11 most interesting details that I've found in Rise of the Isle of the Lost preview. Hope you enjoy it!

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