Alrighty, this isn't a joke for the matter. I truly mean every single word of this blog. The following will be the reasons why Kiranemi should be admin.

First of all, the poster of this campaign. Edited by our talented friend Kira.


Yes, you've heard King Beast. Kira, an admin spot is waiting for ya.

K, let's carry on with the true purpose of this blog, shall we?

Reasons why Kira should be admin

  1. She is a nice person.
  2. She has purple hair.
  3. She has a Death Note. Don't you mess with her. She knows your name and your face.
  4. Her name is Kira.
  5. She knows stuff.
  6. She is good with tech.
  7. She is a nice p... Oh, wait. Already said that.
  8. She has a system.
  9. She likes to organize.
  10. She organizes.
  11. Have you seen her sandbox???
  12. She should be admin.

All in all, Kira is the admin you guys are looking for.

Note: This doesn't mean I will renounce my position as admin.

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