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The title got your attention? Good! Thank you for checking this blog and go through my rants where I support the supposedly mean characters of the movie Descendants. Let's begin shall we?

Descendants - Audrey

This is Audrey

Oh, Audrey! You are the daughter of Aurora and Phillip, and before Mal came to ruin your life, you were Ben's girlfriend. What a wonderful life! Perfect school, nice friends, fantastic boyfriend, you had everything. You were born into Royalty, so that makes you a Princess, and if nothing stands in your path, you would be Queen.

But what happened?


This purple weirdo came

Thanks a lot, Ben! You just ruined your girlfriend's life! How? Oh, yes! You decide that it is a good decision to let four savage VKs loose!

So here I bring you a few reasons why Audrey is the victim in Descendats:

Numero uno:

Coronation Bae

Audren 4evah!!!

All she wanted was a peaceful life, alright? She just wanted to be Princess Audrey, girlfriend of Prince Benjamin, soon to be King. She just wanted to be happy with her Bennyboo, okay?

Number two:

Desc 44031

"Those kids are trouble" - You've spoken the truth, Chad

I agree with Chad. The VKs are nothing but trouble! They wreaked havoc on the museum, stole positions of skilled Tourney players, cheated on exams, and what else? They made a cookie in order to manipulate Benjamin the Good. The worse is yet to come, my friends. How does Ben react? He let such danger sit next to him on his most important day! And right where Audrey should have been all along!

Nombre trois:

Desc 101606

Family above all

So it is a crime if a girl protects her own family? Audrey knew too well what Maleficent has done, and she will not let history to repeat itself. She knew from the beginning that Mal should not be welcomed in Auradon. And besides, how can you expect someone to be friends with the girl who stole her boyfriend? Audrey had all the rights in this world to hate Mal.

Numero quattro:


Mal, Mal, MAL

Oh, please... Just because she save the day by intensely staring at her dragon momma, it doesn't make her the heroine of this story. Are we forgetting how she manipulated Ben? She literally used his innocence just to get the magic wand! What has Audrey done so far? Warn Ben to be careful around Mal. How come somebody being cautious is considered to be the mean one?

FINAL SENTENCE: Audrey!! Come back!! I need you!!!

Reminder: Like I said in the beginning of this blog, I don't intend to offend anyone or anything. Please don't write rude comments.

P.S.: Admins can always delete this post if they find it out of context. (Please let me know before you delete it)

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