This is a Descendants fan-fiction story that I will exclusively post it here, in the Descendants Wiki. It takes place 5 years after the events of Descendants 2, meaning that most of the characters are roughly about 21/22 years old.

I haven't written anything, just the description of the story. If you like it, comment to let me know and I will publish the first chapter!



It's been 5 years ever since new Villain Kids were allowed to go to Auradon and live a normal life. Yes, 5 years was indeed a long time, long enough to evacuate the vast majority of the Villains' off-springs. Vast majority... meaning that there are still a few living on the Isle of the Lost.

However, these remaining Villain Kids weren't excluded or forgotten. They were simply not good enough, in the most literal way. Queen Mal has come up with an idea to give these remaining 10 descendants the chance that they deserve. They don't want to be good? She will make sure that they return as heroes.

After thoughts...

Yes, you aren't wrong. This sounds pretty much like Suicide Squad...

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