Fun fact: It is 2 a.m. when I wrote this. I suddenly came up with this idea and hope you guys enjoy (and understand) my crazy theory here.

Ok... First, check the newest facts that I've added to the page Auradon.

Some of the facts caught your attention? Here I give you a theory that I made related to the possible location of Auradon if it were a real place in our Earth. Ready? Let's go!

To recall a few points from the Trivia section of the page Auradon:

  • The possible name meaning is "Golden Hill" or "Hill of Light"
  • The governmental system is a (sort of) elective monarchy, similar to the Kingdom of Visigoths.

You don't know about the Visigoths? Well, here's a quick history for you:

The Visigoths were a group Germanic people that helped the Romans fight the invaders that were in the Iberian Peninsula (current territory of Spain and Portugal). Their main settlement was the south of France. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Visigoths expand further into Spain and stayed there for a while. Their monarchy was special because it was elective and not hereditary. Which monarchy is also (sort of) elective? The Auradonians.

Now... let's return to the original settlement of the Visigoths, which was the south of France. As you know, Beauty and the Beast took place in France, but the exact location is not specified. That's the another thing in common. I suppose that since Belle and Beast were the monarchs, they'd definitely choose the capital where their home is. To relate to the Visigoths, I've thought that the closest territory to fit this theory of mine are the Pyrenees, which are located on the south of France.

If Auradon is a hill according to the etymology I've given at the beginning, then I suppose, Auradon has to be located on a mountainous region. There are surely other hills on France, but why Pyrenees? Well, I've chosen the Pyrenees because one of its possible meaning, taken from the Basque language, which is "Hill of the Moon"...

Now let's relate "Hill of the Moon" to "Golden Hill/Hill of Light". The hill part is pretty clear, and The Moon is usually of a yellow-ish color (golden) and it provides light.

In conclusion, if Auradon were a real place in this Earth, it would probably be somewhere around the Pyrenees.

(Uh, right. I should be sleeping)

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