Hello fellow contributors of the Descendants Wiki!!!

(Goodness, I sound like in a meeting already)

My very first blog's here!


I just wanna say hello to everyone and hope you are having a nice day/night!

(Okay, I'm beginning to think this blog is unnecessary...)

Oh, well. Let's not waste space and talk about a few random things that came to my mind, shall we?

Here you have some information that you won't find in my profile:

Q: If you could be a descendant, who would you want to be your parent?

A: Hades. He's cool and I want to be a demi-god. I really do.

(Yeah, you are right. You can find this in my profile. Next question...)

Q: But what about the other gods? You know, the good ones?


(Sorry for the tantrum. Let's keep going)

Q: If you were the mythical daughter of Hades, who would you have as your BFF?

A: That's a tough question (since I'm a bit of a loner...), but it would be nice if I were friends with Ben. I would totally be the bad influence on him. It would be nice if I make Ben join the Dark Side (*insert evil laugh here*)

(Yep. Sorry, not sorry, Ben)

Q: As the mythical daughter of Hades, BFF of Ben, and hypothetically, you have been sent to a mission where you have to bring Zeus' Lightnings to Maleficent...?

A: Then that's up to Mal! I play no part in her business!

Yeah, okay. A big applause to our guest star Francesca. Let's hope she return in the future for more entertaining information.



(This blog is just made so I can earn points, but that doesn't mean I didn't have fun making it)

Comments are not specifically required, but I do suggest you to do it.

(Because if you don't, the Dark Side will come for you)

Until next time, Jedi!

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