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  • Francesca14601

    Greetings, community of the Descendants Wiki. As you might have noticed, we opened a Descendants 3 Fan Contest not very long ago. We have received many works from our contestants. It's been a wonderful time and we'd like to thank everyone who has been part of our contest.

    If you are not aware of our contest, look here.

    And now... the wait is over. We are honored to announce the winners of our contest!


    Drawings category:

    1st place:

    2nd place:

    3rd place:

    Sculptures category:

    1st place (and only place):

    We are very thankful for these amazing works.

    Please let us know down below in the comments your thoughts and/or suggestions for our next activity. Your opinion matters to us!

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  • Francesca14601

    This is an edit that I made for the Descendants 3 Fan Contest: You Can Do Better. My goal is to fight for LGBT representation in Disney movies. Society is changing, and hey, love is love. They say that kids often act according to what they see on TV, and that's why we must show them only the "right" things. However, right or wrong, it depends on the point of view of dominant group of the society. Many years ago, it was not okay for women to have a job. Around 20 years ago, black people almost did not appear on movies. Look how far we have come. Now the majority of the people are fighting for equality and diversity. I say we break all these traditional barriers, take a big step forward, and start guiding this world into a more equal one, wh…

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  • Francesca14601

    Need help? Lack of ideas? You're just in the right place!

    It's such an incredible phenomenon how most of the brilliant minds of literature fanfiction come up with this same amazing type of character. They are so diverse, yet so similar that is mind-blowing when you think that they aren't created by one same author! Insane, right?


    Insane, indeed...

    If you amateurs in real literature fanfics haven't heard of these method, then have you been living under a rock? Pfft... Answer must be yes. But no worries, dear friends, because here I am to teach you how to build an incredible character that will guarantee a well-written story! Ready? Let's go!

    Oh, you know, just give your character the most exotic name on Earth that is definitely a genius de…

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  • Francesca14601

    A little bit too late to submit? Nah, not late yet. I've had the idea for this story for a long time, but now, I finally had a chance to write it. It contains (a bit of) controversial themes, but I promise, it won't get too mature. The story isn't completed yet, but I've decided to leave it like this. If you like it, I will post a second part. You can also share your predictions in the comments. Who do you think that it's guilty?

    "King Benjamin, at age 20, has been found dead in the woods, with a sword in his chest..."

    The tragic news soon spread through the kingdom of Auradon. It was indeed a sad day. King Benjamin was truly a good King. May his soul rest in peace...

    Mal wore a simple black dress and stepped inside the limousine. She was on …

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  • Francesca14601

    Fun fact: It is 2 a.m. when I wrote this. I suddenly came up with this idea and hope you guys enjoy (and understand) my crazy theory here.

    Ok... First, check the newest facts that I've added to the page Auradon.

    Some of the facts caught your attention? Here I give you a theory that I made related to the possible location of Auradon if it were a real place in our Earth. Ready? Let's go!

    To recall a few points from the Trivia section of the page Auradon:

    • The possible name meaning is "Golden Hill" or "Hill of Light"
    • The governmental system is a (sort of) elective monarchy, similar to the Kingdom of Visigoths.

    You don't know about the Visigoths? Well, here's a quick history for you:

    The Visigoths were a group Germanic people that helped the Romans fi…

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