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  • I was born on May 4
  • My occupation is Pro Procrastinator
  • I am A bipolar misanthrope
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  • Francesca14601

    A little bit too late to submit? Nah, not late yet. I've had the idea for this story for a long time, but now, I finally had a chance to write it. It contains (a bit of) controversial themes, but I promise, it won't get too mature. The story isn't completed yet, but I've decided to leave it like this. If you like it, I will post a second part. You can also share your predictions in the comments. Who do you think that it's guilty?

    "King Benjamin, at age 20, has been found dead in the woods, with a sword in his chest..."

    The tragic news soon spread through the kingdom of Auradon. It was indeed a sad day. King Benjamin was truly a good King. May his soul rest in peace...

    Mal wore a simple black dress and stepped inside the limousine. She was on …

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  • Francesca14601

    Fun fact: It is 2 a.m. when I wrote this. I suddenly came up with this idea and hope you guys enjoy (and understand) my crazy theory here.

    Ok... First, check the newest facts that I've added to the page Auradon.

    Some of the facts caught your attention? Here I give you a theory that I made related to the possible location of Auradon if it were a real place in our Earth. Ready? Let's go!

    To recall a few points from the Trivia section of the page Auradon:

    • The possible name meaning is "Golden Hill" or "Hill of Light"
    • The governmental system is a (sort of) elective monarchy, similar to the Kingdom of Visigoths.

    You don't know about the Visigoths? Well, here's a quick history for you:

    The Visigoths were a group Germanic people that helped the Romans fi…

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  • Francesca14601

    Blame Mal Bertha. And blame me. Mostly me. Anyways... TACOS!

    The limousine was ready to take the four young villains to Auradon. They hopped in the vehicle, one by one. Mal was the last one, she looked at her mother one last time before parting.

    "The future of the free world rests on your shoulders. Don't blow it." Her mother's voice repeated inside her head.

    Mal sighed. She stepped in the limousine and closed the door. Goodbye, Isle of the Lost. For now...

    "Please don't leave me," Harry begged, his hands stopped Mal from walking away.

    But she didn't answer. His hands felt like they were melting, and his presence was fading away. Mal turned and looked around, but she was searching for something that wasn't there. She asked for the one who spoke…

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  • Francesca14601

    Looting like Me

    August 31, 2017 by Francesca14601

    First, blame Princess for making Looters to da Core stuck in my head.

    Second, blame Fran for choosing Konata as our bot in Discord.

    Third, just enjoy the result of what happens when I run out of ideas.

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  • Francesca14601

    Alrighty, this isn't a joke for the matter. I truly mean every single word of this blog. The following will be the reasons why Kiranemi should be admin.

    First of all, the poster of this campaign. Edited by our talented friend Kira.

    Yes, you've heard King Beast. Kira, an admin spot is waiting for ya.

    K, let's carry on with the true purpose of this blog, shall we?

    1. She is a nice person.
    2. She has purple hair.
    3. She has a Death Note. Don't you mess with her. She knows your name and your face.
    4. Her name is Kira.
    5. She knows stuff.
    6. She is good with tech.
    7. She is a nice p... Oh, wait. Already said that.
    8. She has a system.
    9. She likes to organize.
    10. She organizes.
    11. Have you seen her sandbox???
    12. She should be admin.

    All in all, Kira is the admin you guys are looking for.

    Note: Th…

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