Hi i am making a blog about my descendants caracter!!!!!!!

name: Evan

age: 17

mom: Evil Queen



wt: 142 pounds

eye color- hazel, blue- when using magic

hair-color- blue

relationship: dating Mal


Evan, is extremely smart, charming,sneaky,cunning, extremely athletic and, a master thief and liar unlike the other 4 vk's evan most likely the nastiest and evilest out the gang besides mal. like mal he can also use magic and loves to casts spell(despite the fact he cant since the dome cancels out magic) and likes art. Evan is very flirty towards the pretty girls and can make every girl fall for him with just one stare or smile, evan can be  very loyal to the gang,  a lot of the other vk's on the isle and some of the villans themselves are scared evan because of his reputation, his mom(evil queen) often nags him about how handsome he has to look front the beautiful girls his age on the isle, evan dosen't care for his looks unlike his sister evie, he also loves to cause mischief and tease people. After a while he outgrows his evil ways and learn how to act like a aurodon kid.