Ursula's Fish and Chips is one of the shops on The Isle of the Lost and home to Ursula and The Sea Witches.


Printed media

Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel

Professor Ratigan and his daredevil crew were out looking for a shop and found Ursula's instead. As soon as Ursula caught him stealing some of her food, she chased him out from her shop. Jay and Mal used to steal stuff from there. Mal once stole Ursula's seashell necklace.

Rise of the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel

Ursula, even though she's the owner of the shop, no longer works there as she prefers to stay home and watch soap operas. Her daughter, Uma, works there as waitress.


Descendants 2

According to the behind the scenes footage, Ursula's Fish and Chips appeared in Descendants 2 as Uma's pirate gang's hangout (Harry Hook appears to be next to the store during the behind the scenes).



  • The slogan is "You'll take it how I make it!"
  • Although Ursula owns the place, she rarely stays there and her daughter does most of the work.

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