You could stick a tiara on a villain but... you're still a villain.
―Uma to Mal

Uma is a main character and the main antagonist who appeared in Descendants 2. She is the daughter of Ursula, Mal’s archenemy and the leader of a motley crew of pirates. Uma has used Mal’s absence on the Isle of the Lost to rise to power as the new self-proclaimed queen of the Isle. Uma is portrayed by China Anne McClain



Uma is sassy, manipulative, and ambitious. Though she has a tough exterior, she seems to care deeply for her crew along with other people who are being mistreated on the Isle. She has been shown that she could be self-less even in moments of tension. When Harry returned from the water after having jumped into it to look for his hook, even though she was rushing in the fight against Mal, Uma stopped for a moment and helped her friend get into the docks.  

However, Uma has different ways when it comes to treating strangers and enemies, like Mal. She's manipulative and would use any possible way to keep her rival wrapped around her finger, like kidnapping Ben in order to give Mal more pressure into handing over Fairy Godmother's Magic Wand.  

Despite the opinion of the majority, Uma is just "an angry girl with a bad plan" who wishes to be heard.  

Physical Appearance

Uma is a beautiful girl with brown-skin, and aqua, black-white braids, and sky blue-painted nails. Her primary outfit is an aqua leather top with multicolored bands like a skirt, a purple translucent top, a aqua leather coat with gold details, and multicolored bands on the shoulders, dark aqua pants with zippers, and brown boots with pearls, sea-stars, shells, and her pirate crew's symbolic pin. Her accessories consist of a black pirate hat with brown details, sea-stars, shells and her pirate crew's symbolic pin, black fingerless gloves with sea-stars, pearl bracelets, a sky blue bracelet with spikes, black and brown belts, a black band, and a sheath for her sword.

Powers & Abilities

Being daughter of Ursula, Uma inherited the following powers:

  • Magic: Like her mother, Uma is able to manipulate magic at her will. So far, she has cast a love spell on Ben thanks to Mal's Spell Book. However, she could have made the same potion that Mal used in Descendants instead of casting a spell.
    • Octopus Transformation:Upon entering the water, Uma can be transformed into a cephalopod appearance similar to that of her mother, a giant octopus with a human body.


Printed Materials

Rise of the Isle of the Lost



Descendants 2



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Descendants 2


Group songs


  • "Uma" is the feminine form of number one in Portuguese.
  • China Anne McClain, who portrays Uma, is known for providing the voice of Freddie Facilier, daughter of Dr. Facilier, in the animated short series Descendants: Wicked World. China's sister Lauryn McClain provided the voice of Freddie in season 2 because of China's work on the Descendants 2
  • Uma is best friends with Harry Hook and has been since they were kids.
  • Uma and Harry run a dice game at Ursula's Fish and Chips which is fixed so that the house always wins.
  • Uma has taken Mal's spot as self-proclaimed queen of the Isle.
  • Uma's goal is to break the barrier of the Isle of the Lost and free the citizens who do not deserve to live there.
    • This is evident by her constant references to the poor living conditions on the Isle.
    • During her heart-to-heart with Ben, she states that she sees the Isle as a prison.
  • A prequel Serena Valentino Novel called Poor Unfortunate Soul was centered on her mother. It's revealed in that book that Ursula and Maleficent have a heated rivalry.
  • Uma, Mal, Evie, Ben, and Freddie are the only characters to have solos.
  • Unlike her mother, Uma has human legs instead of octopus tentacles.
  • Uma can also turn into a giant octopus just like her mother Ursula
  • She is the first Villain kid to be the main antagonist of a Descendants movie.
  • She imitated her mother in casting a love spell on the protagonist's love interest for her goals.
    • Ursula turned into Vanessa and used Ariel's voice to seduce Prince Eric; while Uma used Mal's spellbook to enchant Ben.
  • Harry often flirts with Uma in a constant game of question and rejection according to Melissa de la Cruz's novel Rise of the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel.


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