You could stick a tiara on a villain but... you're still a villain.
―Uma to Mal

Uma is a main character and the main antagonist who is to appear in the upcoming sequel Descendants 2. She is the daughter of Ursula Mal’s archenemy and the leader of a motley crew of pirates, Uma has used Mal’s absence on the Isle of the Lost to rise to power as the self-proclaimed queen of the Isle. Uma is portrayed by China Anne McClain



Uma is sassy, manipulative and ambitious.

Physical Appearance

Uma is a beautiful girl with brown-skin, and aqua, black-white braids, and sky blue-painted nails. Her primary outfit is an aqua leather top with multicolored bands like a skirt, a purple translucent top, a aqua leather coat with gold details, and multicolored bands on the shoulders, dark aqua pants with zippers, and brown boots with pearls, sea-stars, shells, and her pirate crew's symbolic pin. Her accessories consist of a black pirate hat with brown details, sea-stars, shells and her pirate crew's symbolic pin, black fingerless gloves with sea-stars, pearl bracelets, a sky blue bracelet with spikes, black and brown belts, a black band, and a sheath for her sword.


Printed Materials

Rise of the Isle of the Lost



Descendants 2



Main article: Uma/Relationships


Descendants 2


Group songs


  • "Uma" is the feminine form of number one in Portuguese.
  • China Anne McClain, who will portray Uma, is known for providing the voice of Freddie Facilier, daughter of Dr. Facilier, in the animated short series Descendants: Wicked World.
  • Uma has taken Mal's spot as self-proclaimed queen of the Isle.
  • Uma's goal is to break the barrier of the Isle of the Lost and unleash all the villains once and for all.
  • A prequel Serena Valentino Novel called Poor Unfortunate Soul was centered on her mother. Its revealed in that book that Ursula and Maleficent have a heated rivalry.
  • Uma, Mal, Evie, Ben, and Freddie are the only characters to have solos.
  • Unlike her mother, Uma has human legs instead of octopus tentacles.
    • It could be because of her possession of Ursula's Necklace since Ursula used it to turn herself in to a human in The Little Mermaid.
  • Uma can also turn into a giant octopus just like her mother Ursula


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