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Mal-lone Face to Face
Audrey (Crying) This musical number meant so much to me!
Ally I know, it was your moment to shine, like the jewels. Which are gone. I'll stop talking now.
Audrey It wasn't just so I could share my many talents, I mean, a little bit. Yes, of course, I mean. Please, but more than that, it was supposed to be my gift to the VKs, to show how we are all sisters. But now it's all ruined. I wanted to bring everyone together, but the VKs still can't be trusted.
Ally Well, that's actually kind of the un-truth.
Audrey What?
Ally Because Mal wasn't her self. Jane said that Mal was under a spell from the cursed jewel inside a totem from the island thingy. So, not her fault.
Audrey I feel awful. I banned her from the Jewelbilee, Ally!
Ally I know, and I understand. But it is not too late to make things right. It ain't over until the caterpillar sings.
Carlos (Struggling to breathe) Room! Too small! Running out of air!
Freddie This place is five times as big as your dorm room, you're fine.
Jane I just can't believe we're missing the Jewelbilee. Do you know how hard it was to find a belt that matches my Jewel.
Carlos You look great. You know, f-f-from one friend to another.
Freddie I can't believe that maniac Zevon is up there, and we can't even warn them.
Jay And I can't believe you're even smaller than usual.
Carlos Oh yeah? Well you're not so big, either.
Jay If only there was someway to reach the opening.
Jane Yes, there is a way. Jay, get table. Freddie, bring those chairs. My magic might not be very reliable-
Freddie And often makes things worse.
Jay Not helping.
Jane But at least I can try! Take these pillows and these chairs, turn them into floating stairs.
Jay Alright! It's working!
Freddie Shh! She has to concentrate.
Carlos Floating table! Cool!
Jane Huh?
Carlos I said cool, not pool.
Jay Haha, nice!
Carlos He didn't say ice, he said nice! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (Jay falls on top of him) Dalmatians.
Jane Is that the best we can do? We're all doomed!