Thank god we have the book Isle of the Lost: a Descendants Novel. There Mal's father is mentioned multiple times so we can build our theory on something. The book  is by the way canon. So in the book, we learn that all Villains were banished to the island 20 years before the movie starts. Mal (Or rather: Maleficent Jr.) is 16, this means she was conceived and born on the Isle. Now, I have a hard time imagining a Hero going to the Isle freely (brave enough to b*ng Maleficent) and go back. So it must be a villain. Now , there are enough male villains who could be Mal's father (Don't bring up Jafar). But Maleficent and Mal clearly mention he is dead. Many of the male villains are mentioned to be very much alive on the Isle of the Lost and/or have children.

    Maleficent also mentions him as a week human. ("Or you'll be like him Mal! Like your father, a pathetic little human!). So those are five things we already know about Mal's father:

    1) He's a villain.

    2) He's deceased.

    3) He's human.

    4) He's week/pathetic.

    5) He is whatever you mean with "little".

    Then it hit me, the one person officially lined as a villain who fit it perfectly:  the King of Hearts

    He even is blond, like Mal in the second movie. Although officially he is a villain (according to the villain list on the official Disney wiki) he does have a good heart and tries to rescue Alice from his insane wife.

    But why would the proud and glorious Maleficent have a relationship with the little nerd? Remember, Maleficent was trapped, without magic and defeated on the Isle. I bet she needed someone that respected and admired her. After all, we know the King of Hearts has a thing for crazy powerful woman that overrule him. He isn't mentioned to be alive in the books, maybe Maleficent killed him after seeing he wanted to raise her daughter Mal.

    Let me know what you think about this theory! Do you think the King of Hearts could be Mal's father.


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    • I find this really funny xD a villain that knows no love marries a king of hearts in other words king of love xD then she raises a child with no love but Mal discovers love if this is true I imagine Maleficent saying "  she grew up to be just like her father" xD

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    • Thank you!

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