• Hey guys! The third installment of the Descendant's novel series will be out soon and Charisma Star (who plays Jordan in Neon Lights Ball Special) has given us a little sneak peek!

    You can check the complete video here:

    (WARNING: SPOILER BELOW. Make sure to watch the video first)

    So among the preview that Charisma has given us, we can spot some interesting details like:

    1. Arabella: She is a granddaughter of King Triton, a.k.a. father of the mermaid Ariel. I cannot be 100% sure that she is daughter of Ariel and Eric even though her name starts with A, simply because all the names of Ariel's sisters start with A. For now, we'll stick with the fact she's granddaughter of Triton.

    2. A Mergames: Seemingly will see at the beginning what it's the Olympic games but for the merfolk! And I hope it gonna be just as thrilling as Arabella promised us.

    3. Crashing the party (guess somebody lost their invitation): It looks like the sunny day in Auradon has been interrupted with a terrible storm. And that is not the only bad news. Mal reveals to be having the Dragon's Egg that she retrieved in the previous book with her all along! Oh, and did I mention that it is turning warmer?

    So what do you guys think? Is the egg connected to the storm? Is Mal really going to get rid of it? How?

    And finally... The question that would lead to Descendants 2: Is Uma behind all of this?

    Let me know what do you think. Are you excited to read this book as soon as it's out? I surely can't wait to read it!

    Until next time!

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