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    20:55, May 12, 2017


    This is a community voting thread in enabling Icons in this wiki.


    For this discussion, I will allow icons in this wiki. It will distinguish this type of page from another and see the comparison and contrast between them.


    • With your vote, please give a reasonable and adequate explanation to your decision and your thought process. In other words, do not simply vote in favor enabling them just because you like them and want them to stay, and vice versa. Because this decision will affect more people than just yourself, we want to be fair and thorough in our reasoning. Votes that do not supply this will be asked to do so, and noncompliance will result in a void vote.
    • Should the verdict result in in favor of the topic, every page will have icons in it.
    • Should the verdict result in opposition of the topic, a new community discussion thread will be highlighted in deciding what the criteria of the fanons should be. This option will likely end in another community vote.

    Cast your vote on this topic by copying-and-pasting into your comment one of the code options from the list below. You are granted only one vote, but you may change your vote at any time during the voting dates, as well as submit any questions or comments you may have on the topic. Please remember to adhere to all discussion rules.
    OPENS: May 7, 2017 CLOSES: May 12, 2017

    Support {{support|<text>}} You are voting in favor of the proposed topic.
    Oppose {{oppose|<text>}} You are voting against the proposed topic.
    Neutral {{neutral|<text>}} You wish to remain neutral and abstain from voting on the topic.
    Comment {{comment|<text>}} You wish to make a comment on the proposed topic.
    Question {{question|<text>}} You wish to pose a question on the proposed topic.
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    • Support
      Putting icons in every page shows which one is which. In my other wiki projects, I put icons there and the users like it because they can see what season it is, where she appeared, etc. so that they don't have to scroll down and look for what they are looking for. So, I would like to put icons in this wiki.
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    • Support
      It's an awesome idea. You can check out wikis like Once Upon a Time to see how it works!
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    • Support
      Seems useful. (glad to say more about this, but its already in comments of previous speakers)
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    • Comment
      Since no one is voting anymore, I will change the closing date to today (May 12).
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    • We've finally reached the end of the voting period. A big thanks to everyone here who voted in this important community thread - Thank you! :)





      The wiki will have its icons up soon.

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