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  • This wiki has many unnecessary categories, so Mal Bertha and I decided on a category guide that limits the amount of categories on each page. We will start removing the unnecessary categories soon, but if you want to help clean up, please refer to the category guide.

    If there is a page/type of page that is not listed on the guide, please tell one of us and we will add it to the guide.

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    • PrincessBatman
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    • Looking at Scar's page now. He have categories "villains" and "disney villains". Do we really need 2 of those categories at once? At all-disney wiki category "disney something" is wierd to see anyways. =/

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    • Question: So there is the Male/Female Casts category... then there is the Actors/Actresses category...

      Aren't they kind off the same?

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    • I mean, I don't know anyone who isn't part of the Cast that isn't Actor/Actress

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    • Characters tab of our wiki (top of page between Media and Community) is divided into 4 parts (VK, AK and so on). And it was comfortable b4 to click on those links to see full list of those characters. But now looks like these categories are under cleaning according to new guide. Right now if click on "Auradon Kids", there are only 3 of them (those who still have AK in categories), others were removed when AK category was replaced by Hero Kids. Can we change it back plz? It was really much more comfortable for navigation.

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    • Agree. The correct term has always been Villain Kids (VKs) and Auradon Kids (AKs)

      Also, why can't there be more categories? Such as Tourney players, Magic users, etc?

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    • Another one that I think we should keep: Categories that indicates to which movie/franchise the characters belong to

      For example:

      • Mal and Audrey would be Sleeping Beauty Characters
      • Jane, Chad and Dizzy would be Cinderella Characters
      • Ben and Gil would be Beauty and the Beast Characters
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    • Exept the fact that they are not parts of these things. Their parents - yes. But kids are property of "Descendants" only and its more like fanfiction rather than actual part of canon. They even were born when all these things were already mixed in one.

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    • Oh, alright!

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    • Since most of this wiki's staff here...

      Can songs have their own Gallery page?

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    • A Fandom user
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