• I've been thinking, if hypothetically we could get more descendants, which actors/actresses would you want to see, and which Descendant should they be? Me, if given the option I would cast Taylor Gray (from Star Wars Rebels), Lauren Taylor, and Bryana Salaz.  I would see it as Bryana Salaz as Snow White's daughter, Taylor Gray as either another son of Aladdin or another child of Mother Gothel, and Lauren Taylor as either another child of Rapunzel or as Audrey's sister.  I mean, Lauren Taylor would look convincingly like a daughter of Aurora. 

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    • What about Finn Wolfhard as the son of Hades? (probably not Hadie from the books) with James Woods reprising his role as Hades? As seen in IT Wolfhard can be a pretty snarky, big mouthed character who I can totally see portraying someone with little to no fuse. As for James Woods he's said multiple times that Hades is his favourite role and is always happy to go back to it.

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