• I think that the new costumes should be like this:

    Mal - Green leather jacket with magenta spikes, black t-shirt, dragon necklace, purple jeans and black boots with magenta spikes.

    Jay - Yellow-crimson t-shirt with zipper, light blue-dark grey pants, snake bracelet and black boots.

    Evie - Dark blue jacket with golden crowns, blue-red dress, golden crown and brown boots with blue spikes.

    Carlos - Black-white ripped hoodie with red details, black jean shorts, golden dog tail necklace, red-black sneakers.

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    • And for the new VKs:

      Uma - Icy white hair, cyan seashell necklace, black-purple-cyan leather jacket, black steampunk t-shirt, tentacle skirt, purple ripped leggings, black fingerless gloves with golden spikes and dark cyan boots.

      Harry Hook - Black pirate hat, crimson coat with zippers, Jolly Roger tank top with a golden hook chain, ripped jeans with zippers, black fingerless gloves and crimson-brown pirate boots.

      Gil - Red-orange leather tank top with zipper, dark brown pants, black boots with beige fur and dark brown Beast horns and fingerless gloves.

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    • Who is Gil?

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    • To 1st A Wikia contributor

      You mean: What will the costumes for Descentants 2 be?

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    • A FANDOM user
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