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What happens to the Underworld after Hades, Pain, and Panic went to Isle of the Lost?

  • This is my big question the Underworld did Beast and Belle put someone else in charge of the Underworld. This is my biggest question. Try find out what happens to the Underworld. 

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    • Maybe the Fates in charge

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    • The Underworld was probably relocated underneath the Isle. Like how in the Percy Jackson series All the Greek Mythology Places relocated to America. The main question is how is hades supposed to maintain order without the use of magic (his flame power and all). Maybe the Underworld is the only place where magic is authorized but is sealed off completely from the Isle and Auradon? Sonds like an idea that can be explored in Wicked World or Part 2 but Part 2 seems more focused on Uma and the Sea theme (Pirates). 

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    • A Fandom user
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