• I'm gonna post screenshots of the old two polls below, to save the data, but obviously we need new polls on the main page.

    If there aren't any better ideas then I'll just add some sort of a "who's your fave" poll. I'll put more thought into this later.

    We could also make a poll about something about the next movie, like which characters y'all are most excited to see.

    There's also the possibility of making a "who's your fave pairing" poll but I'm afraid of shippers' wrath, lol. Or maybe it's a good idea, this wiki needs more life on it.

    Oh, and we could make like two "main page polls" and then some other weirder ones on a different page for people who love polls. ^_^


    previous poll 1


    previous poll 2

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    • How about these new poll?

      Are you excited about the new Disney Channel Movie, Descendants 2?

      a. Yes of course! I loved the first one so I will love the sequel!

      b. Yah! I think it is going to be great!

      c. No. I didn't like the first one so I will not like this one as well.

      d. I don't know

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    • You know, that might actually be an alright idea. I mean, it seemed a little silly to ask if people were excited about the first movie, because people probably wouldn't have been on this wiki if they didn't care about the film. But with this one, there's also the possibility that people liked the first one but aren't thrilled about the second one since they're afraid it'll ruin the canon.

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    • alright, something like this:

      Who's your favorite main character?

      • Mal
      • Evie
      • Jay
      • Carlos
      • Ben

      Are you excited for Descendants 2?

      • Of course?!
      • Yes, though I didn't like the first movie
      • Meh.
      • No, even though I liked the first movie
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    • don't know about the first one. The question is different but the answers are the same. Maybe

      What is Descendants: Wicked World song do you love?

      Rotten to the Core

      Good Is The New Bad

      I'm Your Girl

      All of the above

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    • The question is different but the answers are the same.

      What do you mean? The old poll was made before the movie even came out, it asked who people thought would be their fave. The poll needs fresh answers now. The results will probably be predictable, but eh. People love voting for their faves, I think we should have that poll.

      I don't think Rotten to the Core counts as a Wicked World song.

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    • Yah ok. But Rotten to the Core Evie's Version is part of it.

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    • Akrida: Yes, of course!

      Mal Bertha: Rotten to the Cirl

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    • A FANDOM user
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