The 18 Regions of Auradon are the 18 kingdoms that were combined to be ruled by King Adam and Queen Belle 20 years before the start of Descendants. Still, they have their own rulers. There are 11 regions beneath the Great Wall, and 7 beyond.

  1. Westerly, known for Sherwood Forest.
  2. Cinderellasburg, known for Charming Castle and Cinderellasburg City.
  3. East Riding, known for King George Town.
  4. South Riding, known for Auroria and Tangletown.
  5. Camelot Heights
  6. Towering Heights, known for the Bayou de Orleans
  7. Auradon Central, known for Auradon Prep and Auradon City.
  8. Northern Wei, where Mulan and Li Shang live with their daughter Lonnie.
  9. Charmington, ruled by Snow White
  10. Isle of the Lost, where all the villains were banished.
  11. Summerlands

And these are the regions north of the Great Wall:

12. Neverland

13. Lone Keep, known for the kingdom of Agrabah

14. Winter's Keep

15. Schwartzvald

16. Olympus

17. Aphelothia

18. The Border Lands- Faraway

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