"Talking Heads" is the twenty-fourth episode of the animated short series, Descendants: Wicked World. It premiered on December 2, 2016 and is the sixth episode in the second season.


Mal and her new zest for Evil reaches a critical point when she bewitches her friends.


At the dinner, Audrey accuses Mal for all the chaos that has happened and says that all the, 'I choose good' was an act. The rest of the VK's soon join in and defend Mal, which soon turned into an argument between the two sides. Mal attempts to make it stop, but Mal becomes Rotten to the core again and casts a backwards talk spell on everyone, making them speak the words Backwards except for Evie. Evie tries to convince Mal to undo the spell, but instead of taking the curse off them she begins to sing and dance "Evil", bewitching everyone to dance along in the process. Audrey manages to reach a pastry and throws it at Mal, hoping that she would stop. A food fight started and Jay realizes that eating cures the spell. Audrey banishes Mal from the Jewel-BiLee and if she had the power she would banish her from Auradon. Mal, still Rotten to the core, says that it's okay and says, "Because I'm Evil", then leaves, opening the door with magic. Jane says something is wrong, Evie questioned Mal's behavior as Jane follows after Mal and into the Museum of Cultural History, which Mal broke in by magically dismantling a window's glass. Jane still right behind, she says, "This is really bad " and follows Mal into the Museum.



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Episode 24 Talking Heads Descendants Wicked World

Episode 24 Talking Heads Descendants Wicked World

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