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Talking Heads Evil Among Us
Mal was walking inside the museum while Jane follows her. Jane hid behind display of the broom, bumping herself a little bit making Mal look behind her but continues her way. When Jane finally stood up and started to follow Mal again, the magic broom jumps off its display and started sweeping the floor. It suddenly knocks the Enchanted Rose in which Jane catches it. The broom started to walk towards Mal but before Mal can see it, Jane snatches it and hid in a storeroom. Mal looked at the surroundings and when she saw that it was clear, she went back continuing her job. When Jane saw the coast was clear, she saw Mal grabbing Jafar's staff and escaped through the window.
Jane No, no, no! Huh? I gotta go tell the others.
Mal walks towards someone and hands over the staff.
Mal Long live evil.
In Evie and Mal's dorm, Evie, Jay, Carlos, and Jane are waiting for Mal.
Evie M, what were you doing at the museum?
Mal (laughs) Evie, look at me. (walked towards Evie) Do I look like I would be in a museum?
Jane I followed you. I saw you there!
Mal faced Jane and her eyes started to glow green. Jane ran outside the dorm room scared of Mal.
Evie Mal, it's me. I just wanna help.
Mal Leave me alone!
Evie Your jewel! Where did you get this?
Mal That is mine!
Jay Sorry, Mal. Can't let you have it.
Mal What is going on?
Evie You were being rotten to the core.
Mal I was?
Carlos Hey, the jewel! What if it's cursed?
Jay Let's see here- Evil. Good. Evil. Good. Evil. More evil. Good. Evil. Good. Evil. Evil. Good. Evil. Good.
Evie It is the jewel. Maleficent must have cursed it years ago.
Jay And hid it in that necklace.
Mal Freddie gave me that.
Carlos Never knowing it contained a jewel that turned you into a raging she-witch!
Mal What are you guys even talking about? What did I do?
Evie Well-
Mal Wow. That is horrible. Evie, please don't be mad at me.
Evie Of course I'm mad at you. You're my best friend and you don't treat best friends like that.
Mal I am so, so sorry.
Evie But I also knew it wasn't you. All along. I knew.
Mal Eve, thanks for believing in me.
Carlos Mal's okay!
Jay And Auradon's back to normal!
Zevon Auradon will be mine!



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