Shan Yu is one of the villains brought back to life to be imprisoned in the Isle of the Lost.

Before The Isle of the Lost

Shan Yu was a leader of The Hun Army. When they invade the Great Wall of China, Chinese soldier is reminded to join the army to fight the Huns. Shan Yu later interrogated two soldiers to send the Emperor of China's greatest army and send his archery Hun to kill one of the soldiers. Later, his pet Falcon sends him a doll and they later find evidence that the Imperial Army is in The Tung Sho Path and they invade and kill many soldiers including Li Shang's father who was the general of the imperial army. When they later invade the other soldiers led by Shang, his army was later defeated and some killed by Mulan (secretly Ping), he then wounds her and is then dragged in the Avalanche. He then survives and roars in anger when he sees his Hun army destroyed and realizes that only seven of his Huns survived. They later invade the Chinese parade and the soldiers take The Emperor of China. Shan Yu tell him to bow to him but refuses, but when Shan Yu was going to kill the emperor, he is then beaten by Shang with the Emperor saved by Chien Po. Shan Yu blames Shang for what happened in the mountain Avalanche but realizes that it was Mulan when he shows him the similarity and attacks Mulan but he is later defeated by her and is then killed by Mushu and Crikee when they drag a firework at Shan Yu and then ends up in a pile of fireworks, killing him instantly.



  • Shan Yu's crimes were
    • Kidnapping (The Emperor)
    • To Takeover China.
    • Attempted Murder( Mulan, Shang, The Emperor of China)
    • Murder (General Li, an entire village, some of the Imperial Army)
  • He is voiced by the late Miguel Ferrer
  • He is the fourth Disney Villain to have henchmen that die. The first was Maleficent, the second was Ursula and the third was Scar.
  • In Descendants 2, when Mal comes back to the Isle of the Lost and sees a poster with her and Ben, near it is a poster advertising to try out Shan Yu's Dim Sum. It appears that Shan Yu is one of the villains to sell food in the Isle.