Sammy Smee is a son of Mr. Smee who lives on the Isle of The Lost. He appears once in Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel.

Printed Material

Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel

Sammy is mentioned by name once in the novel. He appears at Mal's Hellraiser, bobbing for one of Ginny Gothel's wormy apples and holding one questioningly in his mouth when Mal knocks on the door.


  • It is revealed in the fifth episode of School of Secrets, Trip that Sammy has relatives in Auradon. A student in Auradon Prep reveals that his great-uncle Smee had a boat tethered at a port in Auradon. This would make Sammy the student's first cousin, once removed.
  • He is younger than most of the villain kids, as he's referred to as 'Little Sammy Smee'.
  • Knowing his heritage could imply that he runs with Harriet Hook's band of pirates.
  • It is unknown if he joins Yen Sid's Anti-Hero Club. However, most of the pirates are revealed to have joined.