The Royal Cotillion is the royal party introducing Mal as new Lady of the Court. It is broadcast live and takes place on The True Love (the royal Auradonian yacht). It was organized by Fairy Godmother and her daughter Jane. The dresses were designed by Evie and it had all the royals from Auradon attending (minus Audrey and Chad Charming). It was hosted by Lumiere


After all guests entered the boat and party, Ben appeared and announced Uma would be his Lady. After the stained glass window he designed for Mal is revealed, Uma pressures him to make the announcement of taking down the Isle's barrier. Fairy Godmother refuses. Mal then kissed Ben, breaking Uma's love spell. She became his lady. Uma transformed into an octopus and Mal into a dragon. The two begin a fight but Ben stops them. Uma leaves into the ocean and everyone celebrates their victory in the song of 'You and Me'.