Quasimodo was the bell ringer of Notre Dame and is now considered a hero of Notre Dame ever since he rescued Esmerelda from Frollo and saved Notre Dame. He then has a image in the Auradon Cathedral and became Quentin's Father.

Before Auradon

One night, Quasimodo was later born deformed and his mother was man-slaughtered by Frollo. When Frollo finds him deformedly, he later tried to kill him by dropping of The Well but was stop by The Archdeacon. 20 years later, he was raised by Frollo and what Quasimodo only wanted was to attend The Feast of Fools.  He is also occupied in the bell tower by Victor, Hugo, and Laverne, and when he tells them that he will go to The Feast of Fools, he's later stopped by Frollo.  While reviewing his alphabet, Quasimodo accidentally says festival when the right word was forgiveness.He then is explained by Frollo to stay in the bell tower(Out There/Frollo Version), then when Frollo leaves to go to The Palace of Justice,Quasimodo later says that he will one day be in the outside world(Out There).  While Quasimodo is leaving the cathedral to go to the Feast of Fools,he is then always found and being distracted by Clopin (The Feast of Fools) and then Quasimodo accidentally falls into Esmerelda's tent and Esmerelda not being disgusted by Quasimodo's face since she believes it was a mask.  After Quasimodo was revealed to be chosen as The King of Fools, Frollo realize that Quasimodo has disobeyed him and sends his guards to humiliate him and the whole village has humiliated Quasimodo but only to be rescued by Esmerelda.  After Esmerelda meets up with Quasimodo in the bell tower, Quasimodo later helps Esmerelda escape the bell tower (Since Esmerelda was locked up in the cathedral by Frollo) and Quasimodo has fallen in love with her (Heavens Light).  After Paris fall, Victor, Hugo and Laverne tells Quasimodo to never worry about Esmerelda, since she likes him and they tell him that she hasn't met a guy like him (A Guy Like You).  After Quasimodo helps Esmerelda give Phoebus shelter since he was stab by an arrow by Frollo's guards, Esmerelda kisses Pheobus, without any notice, Quasimodo is desperately heart broken.  But when Frollo returns he then hides Phoebus so Frollo wouldn't notice and when Frollo returns, he realize that Quasimodo has let Esmerelda escape and that Paris was burning because of him.After Frollo leaves, Frollo tells him that he will attack the Court of miracles with a thousand men, Phoebus tells Quasimodo if he will help, but Quasimodo refuses since he cannot disobeye Frollo again but changes his mind when he realize that the necklace that Esmerelda gave Quasimodo was a map to the court of miracles, so Quasimodo and Phoebus go to the court of miracles.  When they enter the court, there later encountered by gypsies and Clopin and was later going to be hanged but was rescued by Esmerelda since she tells them that they are friends (The Court of Miracles).  After Frollo arrested all of the gypsies including Esmerelda and Phoebus,Quasimodo is later chained in the bell tower but when he sees that Frollo was going to burn Esmerelda, Quasimodo breaks the chains and rescues Esmerelda and holds her and saying,"SANCTUARY,SANCTUARY,SANCTUARY".  Quasimodo,Phoebus,and the gypsies fight back against Frollo's guards and Quasimodo releases a giant whole of lava which hits Frollo's guards but Frollo survives and rushes to the bell tower.  When Quasimodo thought Esmerelda was dead and when Frollo was going to kill Quasimodo but Quasimodo defeats Frollo, Quasimodo tells Frollo,"No you listen,all my life you have told me that the world was a dark cruel place, but now I see the only thing that is dark and cruel about it is people like you".  After,Esmerelda wakes up and Quasimodo takes her safely from Frollo which Frollo tells Quasimodo, "I've should've known you'd risk your life to save that gypsy witch, just as your own mother died trying to save you, and now I would do what I've should've done 20 years ago." After Frollo's death, Quasimodo falls but was rescued by Phoebus.  When Esmerelda brought Quasimodo to the outside world, a girl then brings him to the crowd then everybody cheers for him for saving Notre dame which made Clopin said,"Thee cheers for Quasimodo", and he is now being considered the hero of Notre Dame.


  • His name means, half formed".
  • He is voiced by Tom Hulce.
  • He is the third Protagonist to be raised by a villian, the first being Snow White, the second Cinderella, the fourth  Rapunzel.


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