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Genie Chic Good Is the New Bad
Freddie So, I seriously have to take a class called "Remedial Goodness?"
Mal Yup. There's a 2-hour exam about smiling.
Freddie No.
Evie Smiling's super important in Auradon. Let's see what you've got. (Freddie tries to smile) Try less teeth. Better. But your eyes still look... villainy. Try smizing.
Freddie Smizing?
Mal It's smiling with your eyes. Apparently, it's the thing good people do. Oooh, smells like lunch is ready. It's no crusty, barley oatmeal, like the goblins used to make at the Slump-It-Up back home. Oh, I'm sorry.
Audrey Oh! That's Ruby. Rapunzel's daughter. Her hair leaves 10 minutes after she does. That girl has got to do something about those split ends! Ouch!
Ben Well? What are you waiting for? Dive in!
Freddie What is all this frou-frou stuff? I don't wanna eat glazed this or sprinkled that. Okay, gimme some of that puffed deliciousness! (Starts grabbing and eating some treats) It's so good...
Mal Sorry? Oh, yeah, I can't hear you over the puffed deliciousness.
Freddie Mhm. I wish I had more mouths.
Mal (Gives Freddie a plate) Hey! Friendly word of advice: it's not cool to steal in Auradon.
Evie I know! It's weird, right? I mean, why put it out if you don't want it stolen?
Freddie Exactly! Oooh! Is that cranberry sauce? A fountain made of chocolate? Fruit shaped like little animals?! Oh, I could get used to this place! So yummy! Mhm. (Bumps into Lonnie) Get your own buffet table!
Mal Were we that bad when we first got here?
Evie Oh, no! We were the picture of elegance.



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