Othello is the son of Jafar's parrot Iago. He is owned by Evie and was a gift for her sixth birthday.

Printed Material

Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel

Othello doesn't actually appear in the novel however, his owner Evie mentions her sidekick after Carlos finds Beelzebub prowling around Nowhere. Evie mentions her parrot has a swearing problem and doesn't know where he picked them up.


  • Othello's name is a reference to his father's name's source. Iago is the name of the villain in Shakespeare's tragedy Othello. Therefore Othello is named after the play's titular character.
  • Othello is mentioned in Chapter 20, 'Goblin Wharf' of the Isle of the Lost.
  • Iago's chicks are the only sidekicks that are not mentioned in the prologue of the Isle of the Lost. Only the Hyenas, Flotsam and Jetsam and Lucifer's descendants are mentioned.

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