With the existence of Yen Sid, Mickey Mouse is suggested one of the heroes of Auradon. His sorcerer hat appears in School of Secrets.

Before Auradon

In Fantasia, Mickey worked for the powerful sorcerer Yen Sid. His dream was to become a great sorcerer like his master. While putting water in a fountain, he sees his master doing magic. After Yen Sid leaves, he takes his hat and brings a broom to life and while the broom is doing his job, Mickey then dreams of controlling the stars from space and when he wakes up, he realizes that his broom is causing chaos by flooding the room. He then kills the broom with an axe and when the twigs from the brooms come alive and turned into new magical brooms, he then goes into the book to find answers to stop this situation.Luckily, Yen Sid comes in to stop it and when he sees Mickey, Mickey then gives Yen Sid the hat back and and he goes back to work.


Traditionally he wears yellow shoes, red and white shorts, and white gloves. In Fantasia, he appears in a red robe and brown shoes.


  • He is the first Disney character to be voiced by its creator, Walt Disney.


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