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  • In Descendants 2, Mal had blonde hair with dark purple highlighted tips after she went to the Isle she has Dizzy recolor her hair to a lighter shade of purple. Please don't keep changing or removing 'dark' from my favorite character's hair color. I don't want to release my inner dragon like Mal did.

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    • Michael1414 wrote: PrincessBatman, Is that your dragon coming out of you and shot a flame at me when you commented or were you just trying to rip my head off . And let's not play who's dragon is bigger. Let's not not have any more arguments or words like 'better don't' and 'you aren't' okay . Let's just all three of us be friends

      Francesca14601, tried the Ishihara test and done it. And we all know who has the biggest dragon: is our girl, our Fairy, Mal

      This isn't blue dragon anime..... and honestly Mal's hair is purple.....who cares if its light or dark its not like it has another name (actually it does in hex codes)but still its purple so dark,light,highlight whatever doesn't matter.Plus from my point of view its lighter in the second movie obv it turned a bit into pink.

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    • Michael1414 wrote: True. Daenerys has (had) better dragons anyway, she had three but she lost one. And the show that Daenerys (I don't know if we can say the show's name on here since it's not Descendants related) is in going to have it's final season in 2018 or 2019. Let's have no fights. I like Mal's purple hair in the second movie. So PrincessBatman and Francesca14601 are we all good?

      Game of Thrones. It's not like we're banning users for saying it.

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