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Mama Hook is the mother of Captain Hook, and paternal grandmother of Harriet, CJ and Harry Hook.

Before the Isle of the Lost

Return to Neverland

In the film, Captain Hook's treasure was taken by Peter Pan as a prank. To get is back at him, Hook needed a way to ally himself with the film's protagonist Jane who would be able to get it for him. In order to do so, he claimed he wanted the treasure so that he can return home to his mother. He pulls out a locket with a portrait of her.

Jake and the Neverland Pirate

Hook and Mr Smee were seen putting up a portrait of Mama Hook and, judging by the conversation, she had passed away. This was the thought true until she appeared in the Season 2 episode, 'Mama Hook Knows Best!'.

It was revealed that Mama Hook was once queen of the Never Sea and a magnificent pirate. She was able to find all and any treasure she dared to and was a teacher to young pirates who wished to become like herself. Hook was one of these pupils.

Mama Hook's role in the series comes as a moral compass for Captain Hook and his crew. She has an even view of any situation and will call out injustice when she sees it - even if it is from her own son.


  • Even though she is morally fair, her crimes as a pirate would have landed her on the Isle of the Lost.
  • It is unknown whether she is still alive, as Jake and the Neverland Pirates comes chronologically before Return to Neverland. However Hook says he wishes to return home to his mother in the film, so it can be assumed she is still alive.
  • She has Grandchildren in the three different mediums of the Descendants franchise. Harriet in the Isle of the Lost series, C.J. in the Wicked World and School of Secrets series, and Harry in the second film.
  • She was voiced by Sharon Osborne in Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

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