Mal and Jane is the friendship pairing of Mal the daughter of Maleficent and Jane the daughter of the Fairy Godmother.


  • Mane (Ma/l Ja/ne)
  • Jal (J/ane M/al)
  • Malane (Mal J/ane)
  • Janal (Jan/e M/al)



Mal and Jane first meet when Jane's mother is teaching Mal and her friends, Evie, Jay and Carlos goodness. Jane immediately becomes fearful of Mal and her friends knowing they are VKs even when her mother introduces her to them. Later Mal meets Jane in Ladies room and they become friends when Mal give Jane a hair Redo Spell. Jane ask her to do her nose, but Mal said she couldn't do big magic. Mal Tells Jane ask her to  her mother to bring her Magic Wand to help make her pretty, which Jane agrees to. Jane later tells Mal that her mother was not convinced and both make comments about boyfriend. When Lonnie asks Mal for a hair Redo, both Her and Jane are surprised when Lonnie rips a bit of her skirt. After the Incident at during Family Day, Jane turns her back on Mal and her friends without caring by making fun of Mal with Audrey, saying Ben was never gonna make a villain queen ,which makes Audrey and her friends laugh at the VKs, angered by this, Mal humiliates Jane by taking her new hair away which makes the other girls laugh at her, Mal then threatens to do worst which scares Jane and the other AKs(including Lonnie) away. During Ben's Coronation, Jane takes the wand from her mother and tries to make herself beautiful until Mal manages to grab it from her. After Mal and her friends defeat Her Mother (Maleficent), Mal stands up for Jane when her mother scalds her, explaining that she was the one who put all the crazy stuff in her head and the two agree Jane did get pretty lucky mother and Love department and become friends again.

Descendants: Wicked World

Season 1

Audrey's New Do? New Don't!
  • Both Jane and Audrey mention Mal when Audrey ask Jane for a hair-make-over.
Careful What You Wish For
  • Audrey Pays a visit to Mal's tend with Audrey after her spell on Audrey's hair goes horribly wrong.
  • Both Jane and Mal comment Jane being able to do magic.
Mash It Up



  • Both their mothers are the most powerful people ever.

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