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Evie's Explosion of Taste Audrey's New Do? New Don't!
In the tourney field, Ben goes to Mal's tent
Ben Hey, Mal. You busy?
Mal spray painting
Mal Yeah. I'm in a zone.
Ben Can you de-zone.
Mal Not a word, but I will give forgive you 'cause your cute. But not cute enough to make me lose my focus. There's been a bit of uh... 'incident.'
Ben (Looks into his phone) Oh yeah. Your digi-image.
Mal That's definitely not a word.
Ben Your digital image? Digi-image.
Mal Still not a word.
Ben (Shows it to Mal) This.
Mal took the phone
Mal (Reading) Mal's a princess in waiting, alright. A princess in waiting to mess up? Hashtag: Princess-aster?
Ben That's trending, by the way.
Mal (Gives the phone back to Ben) Ok. My people may be evil, but what you, Auradon kids, are doing to to the English language is cruel. Not to worry, I will make it up to Audrey by posting this wicked portrait of her as her favorite heroine. (A portrait of Audrey as Sleeping Beauty)
Ben Her mom. Maleficent's daughter painting Sleeping Beauty's daughter as Sleeping Beauty is supposed to help your digi-image? Do you remember Family Day?
Mal (grossed out) Family Day. Okay, so what? I should just do some 'un-Sleeping-Beautying'?
Ben That's not a word.
Mal I'm learning how to be Auradonian. Come on. It's not like I gave her Captain Hook's coat. (Casting a spell on Audrey's portrait) Beware for swear, Captain Cook's coat she will wear!
Audrey's portrait with Captain Hook's coat
Ben Okay. Funny, but stop.
Mal (Casting a spell on Audrey's portrait) Beware for swear, Cruella's stole might give her scare.
Audrey's portrait with Cruella De Vil's stole
Ben Mal! Enough of the magic!
Mal (Casting a spell on Audrey's portrait) Beware for swear! Sprout my mother's horns from Audrey's hair!
Audrey's portrait with Maleficent's horns
Ben Okay, but change it back before someone...
An unknown person took a picture of what Mal did to Audrey's portrait. Ben's cellphone rings.
Digi-Image SOZ, looks like we have r answer about Mal... Maybe she's not so 'good' after all. SMH
Ben sees it.
Mal I... have a digi-image problem.