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Lumiere is a servant to Beast and Belle and one of the heroes of Auradon.

Before Auradon

A peppy candelabra whom can easily handle his flames and a loyal member of the Beast's staff.


He did not appear in the movie


Lumiere appears in his human form as a oddly slender figure with a blue blouse, a golden blaser, gold colored pants and glasses. It's unknown weather this is a servant outfit, or a costume inspired by his candelabra form.



  • In the original Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast" he sings the song "Be Our Guest". In Descendants a shorter version is song by Ben on Family Day.
  • In the book "The Isle of the Lost" he is mentioned as also taking the measures of Ben, and because the book and movie are overlapping we know its him in the first scene. Fifi also appeared in the scene.
  • Just like Beast, he appears to have got glasses over the few years.
  • He was voiced by the late Jerry Orbach in Beauty and The Beast.

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