Li Shang Jr., better known as Li'l Shang, is the son of Fa Mulan and Li Shang and the older brother of Lonnie. He appears in Rise of the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel.


Introduced in Chapter Twelve of Rise of the Isle of the Lost, Lil' Shang is revealed to be a recent graduate of Auradon Prep. He is taking a gap year and working as 'Assistant R.O.A.R. Coach' before going back home to Northern Wei to rule as well as launch his hip hop career.

Lil' Shang offers to help Jay begin R.O.A.R. training before tryouts begin. Lil' Shang instructs Jay through the basics, repeatedly correcting Jay's form before allowing him to wield a saber. Between spars, Lil' Shang shows Jay a few R.O.A.R. moves and gives him well meaning advice, Jay proves to be adept and takes great strides in improvement. Jay feeling confident enough to ask if he is good enough for try outs to which Lil' Shang tells Jay he could be, with hard work and practicing with Lil' Shang's younger sister, Lonnie.