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Voodoo? You Do Genie Chic
Freddie (Giggles) Well, well, well! The famous Auradonian kids.
Mal Okay, Freddie. Retrack your claws.
Freddie But I just had them sharpened. (Audrey shocked)
Evie She's joking. ...I think.
Freddie Oooo, look at these two. They're adorable. It's sickening.
Audrey Hey! You can't talk to us like that!
Freddie And what, pray tell, are you gonna do about it?
Audrey I'll... I'll... I'll... (Covers mouth)
Freddie Thought so.
Audrey When I throw a party, I... I won't invite you! (Freddie laughing)
Evie We really need to teach them how to smack-talk.
Mal Do you remember the your-momma battles that we used to have?
Evie Your momma's so week, old ladies help her across the street!
Mal Your momma's so week, instead of poison apples she makes an apple pie.
Evie Your momma's so soft, the only spells she casts are crying spells.
Mal Your momma's so soft, cats share pictures of her.
Evie Oh, snap! (Giggles and done a fist bump)
Audrey Your momma's so soft, she's like... a pillow!
Freddie (Comes up between Ben and Audrey) Well, what do you know? These guys are even more lame than I imagined.
Audrey Okay. We may not frown and wear black, but we are not lame.
Ben Yeah!
Audrey We can be rotten just like you, guys.
Ben Yeah! We can? (Audrey gives him an angry look) Uh, yeah. Check this out. (Takes a mug and throws it to the ground) Oh, what have I done?
Audrey Let me help! Anyone got glue?
Ben I'll be happy to pay for damages.
Mal Watching them do this is worse than any punishment my mother ever gave me.
Evie Oh, yeah. We have got to get them out of here before anyone else shows up.
Audrey Are we going to jail?
Freddie (Someone appears behind the curtains) You gotta hide! I don't want them to know you're here too.
Mal I don't even know how we got here. I mean, one moment I was rubbing paint of Jordan's lamp, and, and the next... That's it! The lamp! I just wish we could ask her how we...
Jordan Then, my precious darlings, You just take two pinches of sugar... (Mal, Evie, Ben, Audrey, and Freddie magically show up)
Mal Hi. Is this a bad time?
Digi-Image Jordan has Lemonade Meltdown