Mal looking at Jordan's Lamp in Genie in a Bottle

Jordan (Genie's daughter) lives in this magical lamp. The first time it is seen is in Descendants Wicked World: "Careful What You Wish For" when Jay hands Mal the lamp (most likely having stolen it as a prank) and asks her to hold on to it. Jordan comes and tells Mal that she (Mal) had got dirt all over it. Mal rubs the lamp attempting to clean it and then mentions she wished she were they were all back on The Isle of the Lost inadvertently making a wish that transports Mal, Evie, Ben and Audrey to the Isle of the Lost. This lamp also appears in the Descendants music video "Genie in a Bottle."

In Return to the Isle of the Lost, Jay is sucked into it where he is interviewed for Jordan's podcast. The lamp is also mentioned when Genie thanks Ben for letting Jordan use the lamp as a place to live rather than have her share one of the dorm rooms (as all the other students do).