Jafar's Junk Shop is the shop and home of Jafar, Iago, and formerly Jay. The store sells a collection of random things which are objects that have been stolen by Jay. In Descendants, Jafar says "Jay isn't going either, I need him to stock my shelves." The shop is shop open at irregular hours, selling whatever is pilfered by Jay, ripping off its customers with the lousy merchandise; effectively, making property on the island go in a loop - bought, stolen, bought again, etc. There are many locks, due to thieves believing in keeping their own home safe. There's a small living area in the back with the shop, complete with a kitchen and sitting room, which Jafar has decorated to invoke memories of Agrabah.

Jafar has a considerable amount of coins, which he counts as a way to ease his mind. Following Jay's departure from the island, Jafar had to think of new ways to acquire his merchandise without his son.