Jade is the niece of Jafar and a cousin to Jay. She is mentioned in the novel Isle of the Lost.

Printed Material

Isle of the Lost

Jade is mentioned by her cousin in the novel once. Her 16th birthday party is mentioned along with a handful of other events Mal didn't attend.


  • Jade is mentioned once in the novel during Chapter 6, 'Mean Girl'.
  • It is yet to be confirmed who is Jade's mother. It's speculated that Nasira, Jafar's sister in Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge, is Jade's mother, but since Descendants does not consider Disney sequels canon, Nasira cannot possibly exist withing the franchise.
    • It is also unknown whether she is related to Jay through Jafar or Jay's mother.
  • It is unknown if she joined Yen Sid's Anti-Heroes Club

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