The Imperial Palace is a Auradonian palace, located in Northern Wei. It is mentioned in Isle of the Lost: A Decendants Novel that Mulan and Li Shang guard it.

Before Auradon

In Mulan, Shan Yu and six other Huns succeeded in getting inside the Imperial Palace kidnapping the emperor. Mulan, Li S to hang as well as Chien Po, Ling and Yao scaled the pillars of the palace to enter through the windows. Chien Po, Ling and Yao dressed as concubines got close enough to the six Huns to fight them so Mulan and Li Shang could get to Shan Yu. While Mulan and Li Shang kept Shan Yu temporarily busy, Ling, Yao and Chien Po (carrying the emperor) slid down a rope which had been used to hang Chinese Lanterns. Eventually a fight moved to the top of the Imperial Palace where Mulan disarmed Shan Yu with a fan, pinned him to the roof with a sword so that he would not be able to escape when Mushu shot fireworks at him blasting the roof of the palace.