The Imperial Academy is a Auradonian school. Located in Northern Wei, students are trained to be smart, strong and brave warriors in case villains might strike again.


Rise of the Isle of the Lost

When Yen Sid asked Jay about the Tourney season, Jay stated they only lost one game to the Imperial Academy. Apparently, Jay thought, Li Shang had trained them well.


In Beijing, China, there was a school known as the Beijing Guozijian (Imperial Academy) where old Chinese dynasties were thought. It was thought the highest of colleges in China. Nowadays, it's a museum.


Course Teacher
Tourney Li Shang
Desc 107304 (1)-0

Only known staff member Li Shang


  • In the opening of Mulan 2, Mulan teaches some children how to keep balance and how to fight. This might indicate Mulan teaches there as well.
  • Even though Li Shang (and possibly his wife Mulan) teach here, both their children (Li Shang Jr. and Lonnie) go to Auradon Prep.