The "Honeymoon Cottage" is the royal palace of Auroria, South Riding, Auradon. It is the home of Queen Aurora, King Phillip and Princess Audrey. Queen Leah might also live here. It is mentioned in the book The Isle of the Lost.


The castle/palace was given to Aurora and Phillip as a wedding gift from King Hubert, Phillip's father. King Hubert said it was just a starter home. “Starter home?” Aurora had said. “What are you possibly imagining that we’ll start? A shelter for homeless giants?” The king had not been pleased to hear it, but Aurora was a simple girl and had lived as Briar Rose for sixteen years of her life in an actual cottage in the woods, so she found the castle more than spacious enough for her family. (And at least one or two stray passing giants.)

One year later Aurora gives birth to her daughter Audrey. She also grows up in this place.

The Cottage itself

The Cottage is a huge beautiful palace with a forest next to it and a lot of rose gardens with rose petals and topiaries shaped like adorable creatures, likes elephants and hippos.

The Cottage itself isn't much described in the book. However in chapter five it is shortly mentioned that the Cottage (that lies next to the Charming Castle) is a forty-bedroom castle.


  • In the book they switch between the terms castle and palace, so it is unknown whether it is a castle or a palace.
  • It is the third castle/palace to appear in the Descendants franchise that didn't appear in a Disney Movie and the first in Auradon. The first is Bargain Castle and the second is the Castle-across-the-way. The fourth might be Auradon Castle because it is not the castle from Beauty and the Beast.