Hell Hall is the home of Cruella and Carlos De Vil, having been transported to the island by magic.


An old Victorian mansion, which has fallen into further disrepair over the years. The home is maintained by Carlos, who is practically his mother's slave. According to the narrative description, "it was cover in vines, more twisted than Cruella's mind. And iron gates more wrought than her daily." Carlos keeps a tree house lab, where he experiments in his free time. Horace and Jasper's sons Harry and Jace are forced to spend time here as Carlos's fake friends/minions. The main party hall has black and white wallpaper, and holes in the walls. Noted by Carlos, Hell Hall was not insulated for winter. Cruella still keeps her coats, in a closet protected by numerous bear traps; Carlos is forbidden from touching them, even to use as a blanket for the cold. Mal strong-armed Carlos into putting on a house party there so she could pull a prank on Evie as revenge for not inviting her to her sixth birthday party. It was to lock her up in a dark closet fulfilled with traps meant to prevent anyone from getting to Cruella's furs.