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Harry Hook is a main character who is to appear in the upcoming sequel, Descendants 2. He's Captain Hook's son.



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Physical Appearance

Harry is a light-skinned muscular boy with brunette hair. His primary outfit is a white ripped tank top showing his abs, a red leather sleeveless coat, black pants with red ripped details and zippers and dark brown boots. His accessories consist of a black pirate hat with dark golden details, pale feathers and his pirate gang's symbolic pin, a black band, black fingerless gloves, a golden skull ring, red sleeve-like bracelets, red and black belts, a sheath for his sword and a silver hook.


Descendants 2

Group songs



  • In the novel Descendants: Isle of the Lost there is a character known as Harriet who is also the daughter of Captain Hook. Whether CJ and her are the same person or siblings currently remains unknown.
  • Harry is part of Uma's pirate gang.
  • Harry has a hook on his left hand just like his father.

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